Our promise

  • 100% gluten-free

    We only used certified gluten-free ingredients

  • NO wheat starch

    We only use natural flours, starches and fibers

  • Almost all-organic

    90% of ingredients are organically sourced

  • Just like the "real thing"

    What the f*** !
    Is this gluten-free?

It’s the holy grail. 
It shouldn’t have to be!

Sourdough bread, pizza, focaccia, cinnamon buns and lots more - ready for you to conveniently bake in your oven at home.

Chewy, crispy, airy, caramelized and crunchy…. All the things you don’t expect from a gluten-free baking. And the best thing - you can make all of this at home.

A gluten-free pizza with a crispy crust, and pillow-soft & airy crumb. And where the slice holds it’s own weight.

A Sourdough bread that can be made in two hours (with yeast), or with a 48 hour proofing for that amazing sourdough taste... that will have you crying from joy.

And cinnamon buns, rolls, pretzels, bagels and even croissants (if you dare).

All recipes here

Don't take our word for it! Listen to other customers!

"What a pizza dough. Incredibly simple to do and very, very delicious"


"Absolute joy when you get a magical amazing gluten-free pizza made at home"


"A fantastically good pizza dough"


"What an incredible pizza dough. The kids even ate the entire crust"


We're not just gluten-free. We're anti-gluten!

Gluten is at the core of many health problems and ailments of the modern life today*.

So why aren’t more people eating gluten-free? Because most gluten-free products are a crappy compromise: Mediocre in flavour, texture and taste. No one in their right mind would ever eat gluten-free if they didn’t have to. We feel sorry for the ones that have to. Whether due to sensitivities, allergies, discomfort, illness or a lifestyle-choice, we don’t think people should eat gluten. Ever. Again.

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