Cinnamon Buns


With this flour mix, you can bake everything from cinnamon buns, limpa-style loaves, brioche buns and semlor to croissants, pretzels and bagels.
The Buns & Brioche mix is ​​made to be mixed with boiling water and does not require milk. It can be mixed by hand, but it is easier in a machine with a dough hook or "roller".

In addition to 400 grams of flour mix, you need the following to make 8 buns:
285 + 50 g water
30 g soft butter
30 g of fresh yeast
25 g of sugar
6 g of salt
Cardamom / vanilla in the dough (as you please)

Mix salt & sugar with the 400 g  of flour mix in a bowl. Take 35 g of the mixture and place in a larger bowl.

Boil 285 g of water. Mix in about 175 g of the boiling water in the bowl with 35 g of flour mix. Blend vigorously until smooth and sticky. Leave for 4-5 minutes. Mix the yeast with 50 g of lukewarm water in a glass. Grease any pans, or molds.

Mix in the rest of the flour and the remaining boiled water. Knead for 2-3 minutes. Pour in the yeast mixture and knead a bit more. Finally mix in the butter and knead for 2-3 minutes. Now the dough is ready to roll out and fill with any filling.

Leave to rise for 60 minutes and then bake at 200 °C for 18-20 minutes.

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