Pita Bread


It's super easy to make pillow-soft, airy pita breads with our gluten-free Pizza Mix. 

To enjoy them freshly baked, we mix our pizza dough with our two-hour-proof version of the recipe.

400 grams of gluten-free pizza mix
385 grams of lukewarm water
8-10 grams of yeast (colder temp indoors use 10 grams; warmer temp indoors use 8 grams)
13 g of salt
4 grams of olive oil


Dissolve the yeast in the lukewarm water and add half the pizza mix and let the mixer run for a short while. Add the remaining half of the mix. Once the dough starts to "form" add the salt and let the mixer/machine run for about 5 minutes. Add the olive oil and let the mixer run again for another 5 minutes

Shape 9 balls of each 90 grams with oily hands and leave in a container with a lid for an hour. After the first hour, roll each dough ball in preferably sorghum flour and roll them into a disc of approx 15 cms wide and 5mm thick (not any thicker). Place (side-by-side, not on top of each other) under a wet towel and leave to proof for another 45 minutes more. During this final proof, heat the oven to at least 230 degrees Celcius (up to 250 degrees).

Once proofed, turn on the grill/broil in the oven just before the bake. Place the pitas in the oven (preferably on a pizza steel or pizza stone) in the upper part of the oven (bake them 3-4 pitas at a time) for 3 minutes. Take them out as soon as the edges and/or top becomes slightly golden.