Backstory old

In 2017, Michael’s oldest daughter was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease, which is an autoimmune, inflammatory disease in the intestines. Though treated with modern pharmaceuticals, Michael looked beyond to see if it would be possible to pro-actively dampen the inflammation and avoid flare-ups through what we eat.

Four areas of ”cause for concern” were identified - refined sugars, lactose, (red) meats and gluten, as well as identifying other particular inflammatory ingredients. Particularly gluten seemed to be linked to leaky gut, IBS and other autoimmune diseases and the family decided to make a complete life choice change - removing all gluten (and reducing or removing even the other areas-of-concern).

Thus the introduction to the incredibly compromised and disappointing world of gluten-free products began. With teenage kids, it quickly became apparent that the life-choice made for the betterment of the family’s (and particularly Vera's) health would be short-lived, if we could not ”produce” better food. And kids being kids, pizza was at the top of that list.


Being an avid home-baker, a lover of great food, excel nerd and problem-solver, Michael began a 2.5 year journey to create the best gluten-free pizza and bread. Trying 200+ own recipes, 50+ other recipes and at least 30+ premade mixes & ready-baked products. So much so, that the family almost got tired from eating pizza.

But now - having created one of the best gluten-free pizzas out there, we simply can’t get enough of it.